Gutenberg Full Site Editing (FSE)

Esrat Popi
Last Update February 29, 2024
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About This Course

1. Gutenberg Full Site Editing (FSE) : Templates Full-Site Editing is one of the main improvements added to the WordPress platform with version 5.9. It allows users to make sweeping changes to their website design and layout via a graphic interface, thus moving WordPress closer to the experience of a page builder. In addition, it offers new ways to create and customize themes.


9 Lessons

Getting Started

Introduction to Gutenberg11:21
Gutenberg Blocks Basic13:07
Create Gutenberg Re-usable Blocks4:24
Use Gutenberg Block Plugins8:24

Gutenberg FSE

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Esrat Popi

WordPress Developer

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A Professional WordPress and Front End Developer. Working over 4+ years in different marketplace and with local client also. Having level 5 at themeforest . Have a YouTube channel to provide free tuts on different tips and guide to follow.

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Gutenberg Full Site Editing
9 lectures

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